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Look 2 Invest is a specialist alternative investment company and master broker with over 26 years’ experience in proven investor returns. We focus on the two things that matter; successful long term outcomes, and having an asset manager who listens and responds to your evolving needs.

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Alternative investments have proved increasingly popular over the last few years as the poor performance of traditional fund based pensions and investments have led investors to diversify their investment portfolio.

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Uk & Overseas Property Real Estate

By far the most common and perhaps widely held of all alternative investments; property has long been a favorite of the smaller, private investor. One can include simple residential buy-to-let investments in the UK to fractional ownership of a holiday resort overseas.

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Commodities cover a broad range of real assets, including the more common ones such as gold, diamonds and oil to the more unusual such as soybeans, corn and live cattle. We offer access to developing markets across the globe.

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Renewable Energy Technology

As renewables technology advances and as their track records continue to show stable returns, more investors are looking at this sector. From solar panels to natural oil, we advise on the latest technology showing the greatest potential.

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