Contraxus will issue 5-year non transferable bonds to suitable qualified investors via their IFA. Contraxus will advance the proceeds of the Bond Offering in the form of a loan to the Borrowing Company, Privilege Direct Portfolio 2 Inc (“‘PDP’), a company incorporated in Florida. PDP will use the funds that are lent to it to make short-term unsecured loans to it’s individual clients in the United States of America using information technology to assess the suitability of the client and to monitor the loan. The money received by the PDP in respect of the payment of interest on, and the repayment of the principal amount of. the short-term loans made by it will be used by PDP to service the interest on, and repay, the lan made to it by Contracus. Contraxus will use these payments from PDP to pay interest on the bonds and repay the bonds when due.

Asset Class Held By PDP

Debtors book of short-term loansLearn More »

Minimum Investment

Target Fund Raise

£100,000,000Learn More »

Bond term

5 Years (Which Maybe Extended To Up To 7 Years In Contraxus Discretion)Learn More »

Bond Coupon

Interest Payment Terms

Interest is paid on each three month anniversary of the date the relevant bond is issuedLearn More »

Security For The Loan To PDP

Contraxus will have an English law debenture over the assets of PDP. Contraxus will also have a US law:

  • Pledge of cession over PDP’s debtors book; and
  • Share charge over the shares in PDP.

Learn More »

Security For The Bonds

The bondholders will have the benefit of a debenture over all the assets of Contraxus. Contraxus will grant the debenture itself to Bay Consultancy Limited (‘Bay Consultancy”), as security trustee. Bay Consultancy will hold the benefit of the debenture on trust, and enforce the debenture, for the benefit of the bondholders.Learn More »