High Street Group

18 Month Loan Note

Company Profile

  • Foundation of company was launches in 2006
  • Key partnerships with some of the UK’s largest asset management/property companies, Grainger PLC, Aberdeen Asset Management, EJ Capital and others in Pipeline
  • Specialise in adding value to development sites in the PDS (Buy-To-Let) model
  • 26 Million Profit for the group
  • Loan note is designed to provide additional cash flow to grow the groups portfolio
  • Current GDV of groups projects is £320 Million

HSG PRS Model Examples

  • Newcastle site purchased at £6M and has a profit of £14M, Warrington Site was purchased at £3.5M and has a profit of £11.5M
  • Salford site was purchased at £1.5M and has a profit of £4M
  • Initial funding for land purchase prior to refinancing

HSG Rooftop Extensions Model

  • 1800 Freehold apartment blocks to build rooftop extensions on with an expected 10% build completion (180 Projects) between 8 – 10 apartments
  • First development is Islington which has a profit of £4M
  • 8 Projects in the pipeline with zero cash investment on land cost
  • Funding required is for design and planning

Key Investment Highlights

  • 18 Month loan notes offering: 18% Paid at the end of term or 5% paid every 6 months
  • Security – The loan note is 100% asset backed against the groups portfolio which currently stands at £38M GBD via Security Trust
  • £25,000 Entry Level Investment
  • Award Winning Developer

Group Description

The company is focused on development projects and rental units in both the commercial and residential sectors. The directors hope to raise up to £10,000,000 from the issue of the bond.Learn More »

Minimum Investment


Castle Trust Group, 932 GibraltarLearn More »

Capital Growth Loan Note

The loan note will accrue interest from and including the issue date of each loan note oat the fixed rate of the 18 percent over 18 months. The interest on the loan note is payable 10 days after 18 months from the initial investment.Learn More »

Income Generating Loan Note

The loan note will accrue interest from and including the issue date of each loan note at the fixed rate of 15% over 18 months with income being paid every 6 months at 5% from the date of initial investment.Learn More »


Debenture Over High Street Commercial Finance Limited / Corporate GuaranteeLearn More »

Raise Amount

£10,000,000Learn More »


The Loan Note is available for direct investment by institutional investors, professional investors, sophisticated high net worth individuals or companies.Learn More »

Event of Death

In the event of death of a loan note holder sums will be paid out 3 months after receipt of a valid death certificateLearn More »