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Some brief information about the Hellyer Gold Mine.

Hellyer Gold Mine:

What’s particularly interesting about the Hellyer Gold Mine is, not only is it brownfield, but it comprises a 9.5mt JORC Compliant Resource with an existing processing plant with related infrastructure which translates to low risk and low CAPEX. The underground resource was exhausted in 2000 and mining ceased while under the ownership of Western Metals Ltd. As a consequence of the previous mining and concentration operations at the site, there is a major dam for the storage and retention of tailings. based on the recent historic prices, the gross value of in situ metals for this Resource is approximate US $2.7bn. It has high all-in margin due to available metal content combined with low mining and processing costs, hence the reason they can afford to offer a high coupon with all the bells and whistles. The project has zero exploration risk, as there is no underground minin, proven resource and has existing infrastructure for planned operations – water, power, railway spur line and nearby port.

NQ Minerals, A rated, 12% Senior Secured Bond Key Features

• Coupon: Fixed 12% per Annum, Paid Bi-annually
• Liquidity: Freely transferable RCB
• Security: Frankfurt/ UK
• Rating ‘A’ Grade
• $286 Million in Assets
• New Chairman
• Raising Stead Share Price

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