SRD will issue 5-year non transferable corporate bonds to suitably qualified investors via their IFA. SRD will advance the proceeds of the bon issue in toe form of a loan to the UK Property and Land Specialists Limited (‘UKPALS”), an English company. UKPALS will use the funds that are lent to it to acquire residential property (mainly in countries in Southern England), to apply for planning permission and thereby seek to increase the value of the property purchased. UKPALS will then sell the properties. UKPALS will use the proceeds derived from the sale of such properties to service the interest on, and repay, the loan made to it by SRD. SRD will use the interest payments and the loan repayments to pay interest on, and redeem, the bonds when due.

Asset Class Held By All

UK Residential Property

Minimum Investment

£10,000 (Cumulative Amount Through Platform)

Target Fund Raise


Bond term

5 Years (Which Maybe Extended To Up To 7 Years In SRD’s Discretion)

Bond Coupon


Interest Payment Terms Of The Bonds

Interest is paid on each 12 month anniversary of the date the relevant bond was issued.

Security For The Loan To All

SRD will have an English law debenture over the assets of UKPALS. The sole shareholder of UKPALS will also grant a charger over the shares in UKPALS to SRD The sole shareholder of UKPALS will also grant debentures to SRD.

Security For The Bonds

The bondholders will have the benefit of a debenture over all the assets of SRD. SRD will grant the debenture itself to Global Custodial Services Limited (‘GCS’), as security trustee. GCS will hold the benefit of the debenture on trust, and enforce the debenture for the benefit of the bondholders.